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Bluetooth® Earbuds


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On the trail, nothing keeps your head in the game better than tunes in your ears. These wireless earbuds work with any Bluetooth® compatible device up to 30 ft. away. Built-in microphone, cord, and lithium battery all included. Available for ground ship only.
  • Turn on Bluetooth in your device settings
  • Long press the Phone button for about 10 seconds, lights will alternately flash red & blue when it is searching for nearby devices ? connect to PTM headset
  • Press the Phone button to pause & play music
  • Press + or - to change songs
  • Long press + to increase volume or - to decrease volume
  • Long press Phone and + buttons to switch between Chinese and English mode.
RECURRING USE: Once PTM headset has initially paired with your device, the earbuds will auto-connect to your Bluetooth device when powered back ON.